Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Table Runner Swap

I took part in a Xmas Table Runner Swap with my friends in EB Newbie Quilters forum. I was in such a rush to get the table runner in the mail that I forgot to take a photo of it so you will have to wait until Dani posts a pic to see it.

Here is the one I received, which I love.

I am starting to change my Christmas taste over to the more fresh and funky look and this will fit right in. I normally put the Xmas Wall Quilt that I made years ago on our coffee table but I think that this year this will take pride of place. Humm, might be an excuse to buy some new decorations. Not that I ever need an excuse

The lovely Kayscha also include two quilting mags and this really cute book of short story's written by a quilter. It is perfect as I have always read at night before I go to sleep but since starting work I tend to read only a couple of pages before nodding off. This way I actually get at lease one whole store read each night, rather than it taking me months to finish a book.