Monday, August 25, 2008

Can't belive I am almost Mother to a one year old

It has only taking me weeks of procrastinating try to decided what I want it to look like but I have finally finished Sebastian's 1st birthday invite, and just in time to post it out as it is one month on Thursday till the big day. Now I just have to get over to Mornington to get some matching envelopes to put them in. I am making him the frog cake from the Women's Weekly Kids which is why there is a frog theme for the party

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I have been tagged

Thanks RedinOz for the tag.

I have to write either 6 random things about myself or if I have been tagged previously 6 things that make me happy and then I have to link the person who tagged me and tag 6 more people you know (and let them know you have tagged them in a comment on their blog)

As this is my first tagging I will leave it at the six random things.

1. I love to go sailing with my parents and go fishing for Flathead using a hand line, actually can't wait until Sebastian is old enough to teach him to fish

2. I hate to do laundry, so much so that my husband does it all for me (blush)

3. My husband and I met at a football match when he was down from Sydney for the weekend. I lived in Melbourne and after 19 mths he left his whole life to move down to be with me

4. I named my son after Bastian from Never Ending Story, I picked his name out (and the girls name) when I was 18, luckily my husband like both of them.

5. I spent 3 weeks earlier this year in hospital with severe pancreatis, worst 3 weeks in my life. I missed my boys so much :(

6. I love go camping, especially over Easter with the extended family on the Murray

Now I tag


Sorry if you have already been tagged but I don't know anyone else in blog land :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Quilts completed #2

It is quite embarrassing that I forgot about these two quilts that I had completed, one of them is hung on a wall that I walk pass multiple times a day, the other is over a chair in Bastian's nursery. Anyway for completeness sake here they are

This one was a kit that my parents bought me for my birthday and few years ago.

This one may of actually been the first quilt I started, it was only finished last year in time to go over the rocking chair for Bastian's nursery.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Current Work in Progress

My list of projects to be completed is not what I am currently working on, it is what I have started at some stage and never finished, that being said I do intend to one day finish them all.

Currently I have two projects on the go, the first is a block of the month called Granny's Magic Bag. I am doing it as a class at my local quilt shop, Magic Patch Quilting in Tyabb. We are meant to be up to month 6, I have just started month 3, this one I will finish as it is for my beautiful boy to one day go on his big boy bed... Reckon I still have a year or two before that happens though.

These are the two blocks that I have done to date

Month 1

Month 2

I have changed the wording slightly by changing Granny to Grandma as that is what my mum is called.

As for my Baby Dear Jane quilt I will have to find an easy way to blog what I have done so far on that one, any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quilts completed

Seeing that I have actually finished soooo many quilts to date, thought I should post some pics of them
This one was the first quilt I actually finished, it is only normally comes out over Christmas.

I am very proud of this next quilt, it is Monticello a Jinny Beyer quilt, I made myself finish that as I booked it in to be quilted so I had to get it done, maybe I should try that more often

This next one is a floor mat for my son Sebastian, I actually started before we had even started TTC and it was only finished June this year. Still I am really happy with how it turned out

So much so I decided to put a close up on as well.
Now if only I could finish some more....
Why a blog, well everyone seems to have one these days so why not have one as well. Also hopefully by having a records on what I am currently working on with my quilts might encourage me to get off my but stop watching tv and do some sewing. Anyway if you are reading this I hope you come back for more updates as I try to actually finish some of my many many many WIP.