Sunday, December 4, 2011

Advent Blog-a-long–Day 4

Well today was in one word tiring, up early to do some work, had to pop out to a colleague’s house to pick up some work things and made a pit stop at a local market, scouting for potential markets for Two Little Monkeys to attend.

Then home to collect the boys and do some Christmas shopping. I realised that this weekend was the last free weekend we all had together before Christmas (excluding Christmas Eve) so if we wanted to do any shopping as a family this was the day.

Well i should of known it was going to be a long day when this was the boys after the first stop


But at least it was a productive day, well productive in we got our present to ourselves Smile

We are now the new owners of 84202

I have being wanting a small handheld video camera for a while but as Andrew has access to big film quality HD cameras at work we always put it off, but with Bastian’s kinder concert coming up next week I decided it would look a bit silly turning up with a movie camera and just wanted something small. I have tried to use the IPhone but it is not that good for video as there is no zoom.

I also made a stop off at Dusk, every year I buy myself a new Christmas candle decoration which I light Christmas Eve, these year due to Lachie the destroyer I was not sure if I should, so what did I do, buy three Smile I have decided that I might no bring them out until Christmas Eve after the boys have gone to bed and that way they will stay safe.



spinning reindeers

The third one is a spinning top, when you light a tea light under it it spins. I did take a video of it but don’t know how to upload videos to the blog so the blury photo will have to do.

My last three photos for tonight before I call it a night areIt's christmasTonights book

Mechno-chairYesterday’s Lego item was a Mechno-Chair

homing spider droidToday’s Lego item is a Homing spider droid

Advent Blog-a-long–Day 3

Just sneaking in, well actually it past midnight but I am still up so that counts doesn’t it.

Today I went to my local quilt shops Christmas party, I was a bit unsure about going as I have not had any classes there since Lachie was born and rarely buy anything from there anymore but it always nice to go and see all the ladies. Two quilts that you can do in there classes next year caught my eye, one is Michele Yeo’s Giant Dahlia, the other is a from a book called “A path to a Civil War” I think this would look amazing with bright modern fabrics on a white background, kind of like how people have been doing the modern versions of Farmer Wife quilts. I would love to do one of them but as I am still only half way through my Dear Jane quilt, I don’t think I should start any major project like Farmers Wife. The one a saw today would be a lot more achievable as the blocks are 12” for the main part and 9” for the two board rows.

Well that is all from me tonight definitely time to go to bed but before I go today’s book was url

We only read about 1/3 of this book as it is quite a long story, but it was amazing to see Bastian taking it in compared to last year when we first got it (It was the theme of the Myer Windows last year)

You will have to wait for a photo of today’s Lego item as it is in Bastian’s room and I forgot to take a photo of it before he went to bed

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent Blog-a-long - Day 2

Yes I know that this is actually day 3 but I ran out of time yesterday to blog so I will do two today, will you forgive me wont you Smile

We didn’t do anything Christmassy today except for having to decide what plate to bring to the Kinder Christmas concert and last day party. When you have a little boy as fussy as Bastian it makes it hard to bring something he likes, especially when his two favourite party foods had already been taken (cocktail frankfurts and fairy bread) so I decided on his next favourite, pikelets.

I have decided that as well as sharing with you which books are opened each day I will also share what was in the Lego Star Wars Advent calendar each day (just in case any of you are interested Smile )

Day One - Republic Cruisersrepublic cruiser

Day Two – Nute Gunraynute gunray

And to give you an idea of the size of the pieces, Nute Gunray is the size of a standard Lego person and here they are together (sorry for the blurry image, IPhone pic)Size comparison

I spent the evening tracing out letters for our Santa Sacks that we have been selling through Facebook, MadeIt, Etsy & Hand-made. Both the Etsy and Hand-made store are closed at the moment as we are not taking any more Santa sack order for 2011 Christmas. They have been selling extremely well with 54 made to date and 21 to make over the next two weeks.

As we were out so late, Bastian & Daddy went to see Puss in Boots at the drive-in and Lachie was with me at my parents while I traced out letters, we didn’t to open and read our Advent book yesterday so first thing this morning while having breakfast we opened and read



Now to go and enjoy day 3 of the Christmas season and I promise to come back and blog about it later

Friday, December 2, 2011

Advent Blog-a-long

The lovely Car is once again hosting the blogging Christmas Countdown. I have an extra busy December this year with activities planned for the boys, kinder outings & concerts and 5 craft markets between now and Christmas.

I am hoping that means that I will have lots to blog about.

Today we started our Christmas festivities with some early presents from Santa


Wrapt books ready for an Advent book calendar


A couple of commercial bought advent calendars, Thomas (with chocolate) for my sweet tooth Lachie and the Cars Activity Advent for Bastian. The Star Wars advent is to share between Bastian & Daddy :)

I have it on good authority that Santa is going to leave the occasional note to the boys on days when we have special Christmas activities or outings planned.

Finally I will leave you with images of the books that were unwrapped and read tonight



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blogtoberfest - Day 18

Umm well I suppose I should put this blogtoberfest down as a big fail.

I found this site that lists all the blogtoberfest blogs on order of last post and I actually wasn't last surprisingly.

I will promise to try really hard to find time to do a proper blog post tomorrow one with photos and everything.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blogtoberfest–Day 9

Opp 9 days in and I have dropped the ball twice, I will try and make it up this week.

I got the bunting sign finished late late Friday night, but sort of miscalculated how big it is (this thing is huge) but was able to use it on our stall on Saturday.


The market was okay, it has just started a couple of months ago but hopefully over the next couple it can improve.

I have decided to apply to some larger markets over the next couple of months before Christmas so fingers crossed some miracle happens and I actually get in.

Oh and with the all the changes happening on Facebook, I have decided to list some of our items on MadeIt as well, which actually leads me to a questions, Does any one have any experience selling on MadeIt vrs Etsy and which do they find better (not costs but exposure)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blogtoberfest -Day 6 - My Creative Space

A bunting sign for our stall at a local market this Saturday if you are in the Frankston area come down and say Hi.

See more creative spaces over here

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Blogtoberfest - Day 5 Wordless Wednesday

More Wordless Wednesday here

Blogtoberfest–Day 4

Opps looking at the clock it is actually Day 5 here but I am sure in most of Australia it is still Day 4 Smile
One more family catch up post, two weeks ago this little boy
Bastian aged 10mths127
Turned 4IMG_1054
We had a lovely day at a miniature steam railway (Campbellfield) with the family some friends and one special friend from Kinder (I am not sure if Bastian was more excited of his actual birthday or Riley coming to his party.
Here is the cake I made, it was fun but in future I will not make a cake like this when we have almost an hour in the car to get to the venue, luckily it made it but there was a few times that we were not sure if it would.
Now tomorrow I promise that I will have some sewing photos of some sort Smile

Monday, October 3, 2011

Blogtoberfest–Day 3

Another catch up post today, this one is only 5 mths 18 days over due. What happened then well this little baby turned one
For his birthday I was stuck as to what to get him, I have found that when you have two children of the same sex and you tend to spoil the first born, it makes it a bit hard to decided on what to get the second child for Christmas and Birthday gifts. When I was at SIT I was talking to Clair from Craft Schmaft I told her that I loved her Woof woof kits and it was a shame that they didn’t come in boy colors, she told me that she could make me up a brown kit and so I found the perfect gift, and best of all it was hand made by Mummy.
This was the cake I made it was actually a lot harder to do then I thought icing all the individual cakes, but it was fun to make
Seeing it has been so long since his birthday I thought I would leave you with some more recent pictures of my baby boy, and I actually just realised that I did not take any photos at his actual birthday will have to ask the family if they took any.
July 2011 – Aged 15mthsDSC_8541
My little Easter Bunny – Camping at the Murray636
At Bastian’s 4th Birthday – aged 17mthsIMG_1039

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blogtoberfest– Day 2

Well this post is about 6 mths late but better late then never Smile

Back in March I was lucky enough to go to fly up to Sydney for the day to go to Sew It Together, I have originally planned to fly up for the weekend, but at that stage Lachie was still being breastfeed and with was having no luck weaning, so all I was able to manage was a day pass. I got up to leave at 4am and got home around 11pm so as you would imagine it was a long day, but a fantastic one at that.

i flew up with Esther & Alissa, and was excited to meet some on online crafty friends, Kayscha, Jen, Nicole, Karen, Helen.

Everyone who attended got a goodie bag with all of these things included, lots of marvellous patterns, fat quarters, scrap bags of Fabric from Hawthorne ThreadsIMG_7388

We also all got to chose something as a door prize.


I won a owl kit from Plushka’s Makery which I recently made up as a first birthday gift (and of course forgot to take a photo before I gifted it) and a key fob kit from Earthgirl Fabrics.

I also took part in the Namebadge swap before the event, I made this badge for Juddie 600

and this is the amazing badge I received from Clair of Craft Schmaft


Finally there were a few stalls there on the day and of course I made a few purchases. One from Craft Schmaft (the blue bag) that you will see the finished item in tomorrow’s post, the other were a wedge ruler from Material Obsession and a Ooshka Boy kit and extra face to make superheros for my boys from the Red Thread


Now I have next years SIT to look forward to which I believe is going to be held in lovely Canberra

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blogtoberfest - Day 1

I wasn’t going do it, I told myself I do not have the time, but as I read more and more post today I see a recurrent theme – people saying the wish they would blog more and maybe this will get them back into it. So here we go.

Go where, well for those of you who don’t know (and it most likely isn’t many) Tinniegirl is once again hosting Blogtoberfest, which is where you challenge yourself to post every day for the month of October, last year I tried and managed to do 17 posts, so I while I am hoping to blog all 31 days I will be happy to at least get to 18 posts.

I have loaded the blogger app to my phone in the hope that it will give me the chance to do a post at any time of the day.

As for what to post about that is easy as I have only managed 11 post this year, and 7 over those were in January I have lost to tell, My trip to Sydney for the day for SIT (yes I know I was meant to post about that months ago, told you have I have been slack) Lachie’s 1st Birthday, Bastian 4th Birthday, bee blocks I have made for Oh-Beehave (MMQG bee) and much more.

But for now I am going to leave you with one image especially for my good friend Carphoto
See you tomorrow

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Facebook 200 fan giveaway winner

Thankyou for you entries and the winner is
True Random Number Generator Min:1  Max: 7 Result: 2
Congratulations Car

Car said..

yay you are back! Missed chatting to you lately :) Well done on 200 :)

I will be in touch soon with the details of your voucher.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Facebook 200 fan giveaway

To celebrate reaching 200 fans (likers) over at our Facebook page we are having a giveaway of a $15 voucher.
Table picture
To enter just leave a comment by 9pm Sunday 10th July 2011. Only one comment per person please. Please leave a contact name & email address if you don't have a google account/blog.
Terms & Conditions of the voucher: Must be used in full in the one purchase. Any extra costs over the $15 mark are the responsibility of the voucher holder. Voucher expires 31st August 2011.

This giveaway is now closed and a winner has been drawn

Friday, May 6, 2011

Lets play catch up – Part 1

Oh well it is safe to say that I have definitely blown my plan to blog at least once a week, let see we are at week 18 and I have done 8 blog post this year. I can safely say that you have not been missing out of much, I do however plan to catch you all up on what I have done since I blogged last.

I recently partook in a pincushion swap with the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild and was lucky enough to receive this amazing pincushion from Alice. Alice does not own a sewing machine and does all her sewing by hand.


I made a pincushion for Rachel and in the rush to get my pin cushion finished I forgot to take a photo, however you can see a picture of it  here

The main lot of sewing I have been doing is the block for MMQG Oh Beehave quilt bee, these are a few that I have done recently


For Marg



Two star blocks for Rachel


I have also made some for Alissa, Anna & Gina but I don’t seem to have taken photos of those ones before sending them off.