Sunday, December 4, 2011

Advent Blog-a-long–Day 4

Well today was in one word tiring, up early to do some work, had to pop out to a colleague’s house to pick up some work things and made a pit stop at a local market, scouting for potential markets for Two Little Monkeys to attend.

Then home to collect the boys and do some Christmas shopping. I realised that this weekend was the last free weekend we all had together before Christmas (excluding Christmas Eve) so if we wanted to do any shopping as a family this was the day.

Well i should of known it was going to be a long day when this was the boys after the first stop


But at least it was a productive day, well productive in we got our present to ourselves Smile

We are now the new owners of 84202

I have being wanting a small handheld video camera for a while but as Andrew has access to big film quality HD cameras at work we always put it off, but with Bastian’s kinder concert coming up next week I decided it would look a bit silly turning up with a movie camera and just wanted something small. I have tried to use the IPhone but it is not that good for video as there is no zoom.

I also made a stop off at Dusk, every year I buy myself a new Christmas candle decoration which I light Christmas Eve, these year due to Lachie the destroyer I was not sure if I should, so what did I do, buy three Smile I have decided that I might no bring them out until Christmas Eve after the boys have gone to bed and that way they will stay safe.



spinning reindeers

The third one is a spinning top, when you light a tea light under it it spins. I did take a video of it but don’t know how to upload videos to the blog so the blury photo will have to do.

My last three photos for tonight before I call it a night areIt's christmasTonights book

Mechno-chairYesterday’s Lego item was a Mechno-Chair

homing spider droidToday’s Lego item is a Homing spider droid

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