Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weekend Wrap up

Well the long weekend is over and I thought I had better update you all on my list and what I did (and didn't get done)

Here was my list
  1. Finish work hours from this week - done and 2 hrs for this week as well, hopefully that means some more sewing time for me this week
  2. Sew backing for C's cot quilt together so I can drop it off to be quilted - didn't buy enough material so need to make a second trip to Spotlight
  3. Finish nieces messenger bag - Done
  4. Finish off blanket stitch on planes for Bastian Big Bed Quilt - Finished one of the two strips, hope to maybe get the rest done today
  5. Cut rest of material for Bastian Big Bed Quilt ready for last class Wednesday night - Hoping to do tonight or tomorrow 
The rest of the list will have to wait for next weekend

This is the bag I have made for my niece's 10th birthday

It has an adjustable strap, two pockets on the front and one of the back, a magnetic clasp and a zip pocket inside

I am really happy with how it turned out, has given me the confidence to make the nappy bag that I am planning to make now. I used this tutorial but just left of the zip on the actual main bag part. The only thing I would do different next time is use a different interfacing, I don't like how this one has bubbled.

Also I managed to get one of the two appliqué strips finished for B's new bed quilt which is this quilt

There is actual three plans per strip but I found it two hard to take a photo with all three in it. The first and third plane on each strip are the same any way


and a close up of the two planes

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Becky said...

That bag looks fantastic! Hope your Neice loved it :) How is the nappy bag going? I was thinking of modifying a nappy bag pattern to be a camera bag.