Friday, March 5, 2010

When is a long weekend not really a long weekend

When you have a husband that works for a university that does not get state public holidays off :(

However that being said I do have 3 less hrs of work to do for next week as a result and Bastian has no swimming class on Monday morning so with that I mind I have decided to set myself a challenge to get a few things out of the way over the next 4 days

  1. Finish work hours from this week (at time of posting still have 8 hrs to do oops) - now 5
  2. Sew backing for C's cot quilt together so I can drop it off to be quilted
  3. Finish nieces messenger bag (birthday is today but will be seeing her next week)
  4. Finish off blanket stitch on planes for Bastian Big Bed Quilt
  5. Cut rest of material for Bastian Big Bed Quilt ready for last class Wednesday night
  6. Trace out pattern for pyjama pants for me
  7. Make a start on cot quilt for T's baby
  8. Get some catch up sleep/rest (not sure how that fits in with the rest of the list :) )

Do you have a long weekend? If so what are your plans.

I forgot to add I have finished the cross stitch for the nursery I will try and blog a picture of it over the weekend as well, just need to get a nice white wooden frame to hang it

1 comment:

Car said...

No long weekend here for us unfortunately :(

we have 2 parties to go to a 1st and a 21st... so won't have much opportunity to sit or sew :(