Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dear Jane update

I have also been very slack with my Dear Jane Updates, we are now on holidays from classes and I am meant to have all 169 centre blocks completed. The first class next term is going to be starting to put the centre blocks together and then we will start on the boarder triangles and 4 corner triangles.

Current Tally - 88/169 centre blocks, 0/52 triangles, 0/4 corners

I think my Christmas break project is going to be to get some more blocks done.

A Boy and his bike

Even though Santa already went a tad overboard this year for Bastian, we decided that he really really need a bike, his first bike. So when Nan and Grandpa told us to buy something for him and they would pay for it we decided to buy a bike for him, and a helmet of course.

Even though he is only 15mths, we decided to make him wear a helmet from the start. He is so cute with it, it you try and put it on before he is on the bike he cracks it, but as soon as he is sitting on the bike he lets you put the helmet on and do it up. He is already try to put he feet on the pedals (can't quite reach) and he watches the pedals go round and round.

Santa Photo take 2

The Sunday before Christmas we all got together at my at my parents house to see my Mum's extended family for Christmas. My dad had even put in a special request for Santa to visit.

And low and behold Bastian loved this Santa and allowed him to have a cuddle.

I think he is starting to realise that Santa = Presents, doesn't take them long does it.

Santa Photos

I was determined to get a Santa photo with Basitan this year, even though everyone told me that this is not a good age for them.

So one Saturday after a make up swimming class we trundled down to our local new shopping centre to see Santa, Mrs Claus and Scobby Doo arrive on Thomas the tank engine with the aim to have a photo taken with Santa. Once it was our turn we said hello to Santa and went to sit down, when the tears started, then Santa recommended that Mummy sits on Santa's lap holding Bastian, and that it when the howling started. The result....

Christmas Quilting project

Okay, Okay I know that I am really really slack at posting, I promised you all (whoever you are) a post a day for 25 days and I failed miserably.

Here is a bunch of update post to give you some Christmas reading.

I finally finished my MIL table runner that was to be one of her Christmas presents and it made it to Sydney along with all the other gifts for her, SIL and FIL safely which was a huge sigh of relief.

Here is what I did

She said that she loved it so I was happy with that.

I loved what she got me as well, because I picked it. For the last two years my in laws have given us money to but presents for the three of us with. This we got some books for Andrew, a bike and helmet for Bastian and I bought myself a Pandora bracelet and a little boy charm. We were very happy with the lot.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Signed up for 2009 Quilt Class

Today was my local quilt shops Christmas Party, which involves a show and tell of projects we have completed during the year, a pass the parcel which consists of fat quarters instead of newspaper (you get to keep the peice you unwrap) and a showcase of the new class quilts and year long clubs that will be taught during the year.

I had decided to start back at weekly Wednesday night classes that I use to do before becoming a Mum however, none of the class quilts caught my eye. However what did catch my eye was a new montly class called Doll Quilt Club, over eight months we make all the following doll quilts as well as make clothes for the doll that also pictured below.

I am hoping that due to their small size I might actually get them completed plus I will be able to work on my Machine Quilting.

Friday, December 5, 2008

SS Swap received

I received a parcel in the mail yesterday that I was not allowed to open, so I have had this lovely parcel sitting next to me, tempting me, saying open me, open me.

Today I was finally allowed to open it. It being my Secret Santa swap that I received from the lovely Esther. And I love, love, love it.

I received a gratitude wrap, some chocolate, and best of all a nappy for Bastian. I have been
thinking about having a go at making some nappies for him for a while now, but with everything else going on, hasn't happened. This might be the encouragement I need to get me started

Also inside the gratitude wrap was a copy of hand made note cards that she had made to match the wrap. I feel really bad for my swappee now that I wasn't able to make something. I hope they like the goodies that I chose for them.

Christmas Thankyou Class - Dec 4

Every year my local quilt shop runs a invite only class for all its VIP customers who attend quilt class throughout the year. This year I was lucky enough to be invited along, we were given a "Low fat Swiss Roll" consisting on 9 2 1/2 strips from Nancy Halverson Christmas range as well as two pictures from her matching 12 days of Christmas panel. All we had to provide was the lining, Pellon and embellishments for the bag.

It was a great day, Bastian stayed home with his Granddad, which was loved by both of them, and me and my mum head out for a great day of laughs and actually quite a bit of sewing was done. The teacher was impressed that actually got the bag finished, just have to sew the decorative pockets on to the outside, but I can use it as a bag if I wish.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My boy loves Books - Dec 3rd

All my life I have been a book worm, which is why I am extremely proud that my little boy seems to have inherited my love of books. We have cleared out the bottom of our coffee table (which is an open shelf) and put all his board style books that I am happy for him to play with as they are almost impossible for him to rip. His proper paper books are kept in his room where Mummy tries to read one or two each night before he goes to bed.

The year I have decided to buy him a couple of books for Christmas both proper books for Mummy to read and ones that he can play with. My first Christmas book purchase was an easy decision to make, all children should own this Christmas book I feel

Now I just have to decide if it is okay to read it to him before Christmas Eve or not. I suppose he is only 1 so he won't care if he hears it 20 odd times before Christmas and it will make Mummy really happy :)

Love Actually - Dec 2nd

My somewhat late post of the 2nd day of December, one of my favourite holiday movies. Not really a Christmas movie as such but I think it counts.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Santa Baby

I have decide to try and post something to do with the spirit of Christmas each day until the big day. So for my first post, I will share with you one of my most favourite Christmas Carols.

And here is one of the pictures I took over the weekend for our Christmas card, now just have to decided to have then printed by SnapFish or try and make one up myself

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Table Runner Swap

I took part in a Xmas Table Runner Swap with my friends in EB Newbie Quilters forum. I was in such a rush to get the table runner in the mail that I forgot to take a photo of it so you will have to wait until Dani posts a pic to see it.

Here is the one I received, which I love.

I am starting to change my Christmas taste over to the more fresh and funky look and this will fit right in. I normally put the Xmas Wall Quilt that I made years ago on our coffee table but I think that this year this will take pride of place. Humm, might be an excuse to buy some new decorations. Not that I ever need an excuse

The lovely Kayscha also include two quilting mags and this really cute book of short story's written by a quilter. It is perfect as I have always read at night before I go to sleep but since starting work I tend to read only a couple of pages before nodding off. This way I actually get at lease one whole store read each night, rather than it taking me months to finish a book.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dear Jane Update

My monthly Dear Jane class is tomorrow and I am quite happy with my progress this month. We are given 10 blocks each month to complete, while I am quite a bit behind to what I should have done, in fact as of last month I had only completed 69 out of 145 blocks we had been given to do. This month I have got 6 out of the 10 blocks done plus I finished the last block of for row A, so I now have a completed one whole row.

Current Tally - 76/145 (169) centre blocks, 0/0 (52) triangles, 0/0 (4) corners

Saturday, September 27, 2008

All ready for the big day tomorrow

Cake done

Pinata stuffed

Lolly bags filled

Now all I need to get a good night sleep so I can actually enjoy the party and not collapse in a heap half way through

It's official

My little baby boy is now one.

We had a lovely day, Andrew and I took him to Myuna Farm in Doveton, which has a petty farm so he was able to pat a rabbit, guinea pig, lamb and kid goat. We were also able to feed goats, deer, llamas and an alpaca. We then came home and he had a big sleep and then had a family dinner with both sets of grandparents and his first cake. Next is his party on Sunday.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby Dear Jane

I had always wanted to do a Baby Dear Jane quilt, the original Dear Jane quilt was made in 1863 by Jane A Stickle, and all replica quilts are called Baby Dear Janes. More information about the original quilt can be found here. My local quilt shop started Dear Jane classes last February, so I decided that was to good to be true and started my quilt. To date I should, if I am keeping up with what we are given in month in class I should have 145 out of 169 centre blocks completed, my count to date is 69 so I have a bit of work ahead of me :) Since starting the project I have had Bastian and spent 3 weeks in hospital and almost 3 months bed/couch ridden due to pancreatis. Mind you I am enjoying working on the quilt and realise that it is not a sort term project so wont be upset if it takes me more then the estimated 3 years to complete.

Here is a grid showing all the blocks completed to date. I intend to re-post this image every month showing the extra blocks that I have completed since last time, along with my tally shown as 69/145 (169) centre blocks, 0/0 (5) triangles, 0/0 (4) corners where the numbers in brackets are how many there are in total, the first number how many I have done and the second how many I should of done as per my monthly class.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Backpack for Baby

As part of the Granny's Magic Bag Block of the Month we are also make 4 projects that sort of link in, so far we have made a frog pyjama pillow, two eggs with legs to hang on a wall, and a backpack, so far I have sort of finished the pyjama pillow and tonight I finished the backpack. I am quite proud of it actually :p

He is a big boy now

I posted some pics in a earlier post of some material, webbing and clips that I bought to make a cloth high chair for Bastian, one one evening later here is the final result.

Isn't he a cute model :)

This is how it looks when not containing a baby

And this is the back, I need to get a second set of plastic buckles for the lower strap, this one is used to secure the chair to the set while the top one comes from the front to hold the child in place, this only works on children that are going to sit up straight, for a baby that isn't sitting up yet unaided it wouldn't work

And this is what it folds down to it is about the size of a small paperback novel, perfect size to fit in your nappy bag for times when you are caught out unexpected, plus some dining place have very grubby high chairs that look like they are never washed, this is when it will come in handy.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Month 3 done

I have finally finished the third block of Granny's Magic Bag Block of the Month that I was talking about here.

Now I just have to finish off months 4 - 6 which are all in progress at different stages and start month 7 and I will be up to date with it.

Spotlight is a bad bad place....

The closest spotlight to me is about as old as I am and over 2 storey with no lift, just stairs and one very narrow old escalator that you have to ring a bell to have someone come and change the direction of it if needed. For that reason I tend to not shop there often since having Bastian.

However... only a 45min drive away is Fountain Gate with is lovely newish massive single storey store, however with a small child a "quick trip" over to there is a thing of the past so when I do go I tend to make it worth my while. The results of my latest trip are

Materials and other bits to make a cloth high chair for Bastian, I love the colour

A pattern and material to make him one pair of shorts, white with blue stars and anchors and two t-shirts. I wanted to make some more adventurous patterns but was talked out of it until I make these three items.

Material to make these retro style bibs.

We are getting a new big Spotlight to replace our old crappy one in Nov this year, not sure if that is a good thing or not....

Monday, August 25, 2008

Can't belive I am almost Mother to a one year old

It has only taking me weeks of procrastinating try to decided what I want it to look like but I have finally finished Sebastian's 1st birthday invite, and just in time to post it out as it is one month on Thursday till the big day. Now I just have to get over to Mornington to get some matching envelopes to put them in. I am making him the frog cake from the Women's Weekly Kids which is why there is a frog theme for the party

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I have been tagged

Thanks RedinOz for the tag.

I have to write either 6 random things about myself or if I have been tagged previously 6 things that make me happy and then I have to link the person who tagged me and tag 6 more people you know (and let them know you have tagged them in a comment on their blog)

As this is my first tagging I will leave it at the six random things.

1. I love to go sailing with my parents and go fishing for Flathead using a hand line, actually can't wait until Sebastian is old enough to teach him to fish

2. I hate to do laundry, so much so that my husband does it all for me (blush)

3. My husband and I met at a football match when he was down from Sydney for the weekend. I lived in Melbourne and after 19 mths he left his whole life to move down to be with me

4. I named my son after Bastian from Never Ending Story, I picked his name out (and the girls name) when I was 18, luckily my husband like both of them.

5. I spent 3 weeks earlier this year in hospital with severe pancreatis, worst 3 weeks in my life. I missed my boys so much :(

6. I love go camping, especially over Easter with the extended family on the Murray

Now I tag


Sorry if you have already been tagged but I don't know anyone else in blog land :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Quilts completed #2

It is quite embarrassing that I forgot about these two quilts that I had completed, one of them is hung on a wall that I walk pass multiple times a day, the other is over a chair in Bastian's nursery. Anyway for completeness sake here they are

This one was a kit that my parents bought me for my birthday and few years ago.

This one may of actually been the first quilt I started, it was only finished last year in time to go over the rocking chair for Bastian's nursery.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Current Work in Progress

My list of projects to be completed is not what I am currently working on, it is what I have started at some stage and never finished, that being said I do intend to one day finish them all.

Currently I have two projects on the go, the first is a block of the month called Granny's Magic Bag. I am doing it as a class at my local quilt shop, Magic Patch Quilting in Tyabb. We are meant to be up to month 6, I have just started month 3, this one I will finish as it is for my beautiful boy to one day go on his big boy bed... Reckon I still have a year or two before that happens though.

These are the two blocks that I have done to date

Month 1

Month 2

I have changed the wording slightly by changing Granny to Grandma as that is what my mum is called.

As for my Baby Dear Jane quilt I will have to find an easy way to blog what I have done so far on that one, any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quilts completed

Seeing that I have actually finished soooo many quilts to date, thought I should post some pics of them
This one was the first quilt I actually finished, it is only normally comes out over Christmas.

I am very proud of this next quilt, it is Monticello a Jinny Beyer quilt, I made myself finish that as I booked it in to be quilted so I had to get it done, maybe I should try that more often

This next one is a floor mat for my son Sebastian, I actually started before we had even started TTC and it was only finished June this year. Still I am really happy with how it turned out

So much so I decided to put a close up on as well.
Now if only I could finish some more....
Why a blog, well everyone seems to have one these days so why not have one as well. Also hopefully by having a records on what I am currently working on with my quilts might encourage me to get off my but stop watching tv and do some sewing. Anyway if you are reading this I hope you come back for more updates as I try to actually finish some of my many many many WIP.