Thursday, December 4, 2008

My boy loves Books - Dec 3rd

All my life I have been a book worm, which is why I am extremely proud that my little boy seems to have inherited my love of books. We have cleared out the bottom of our coffee table (which is an open shelf) and put all his board style books that I am happy for him to play with as they are almost impossible for him to rip. His proper paper books are kept in his room where Mummy tries to read one or two each night before he goes to bed.

The year I have decided to buy him a couple of books for Christmas both proper books for Mummy to read and ones that he can play with. My first Christmas book purchase was an easy decision to make, all children should own this Christmas book I feel

Now I just have to decide if it is okay to read it to him before Christmas Eve or not. I suppose he is only 1 so he won't care if he hears it 20 odd times before Christmas and it will make Mummy really happy :)

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