Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dear Jane update

I have also been very slack with my Dear Jane Updates, we are now on holidays from classes and I am meant to have all 169 centre blocks completed. The first class next term is going to be starting to put the centre blocks together and then we will start on the boarder triangles and 4 corner triangles.

Current Tally - 88/169 centre blocks, 0/52 triangles, 0/4 corners

I think my Christmas break project is going to be to get some more blocks done.

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Car said...

Great work - will be watching eagerly for your progress over the coming weeks ;)

I got the DJ book for Christmas, and have no idea where to start... so lots of questions will be asked over the coming year(s)

What fabric have you used?

And where can I get that dooby-lacker code sheet thing you have to keep track???