Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Autumn Leaves

I did it, I actually did it…

Free Motion Quilted that is. Now it is not perfect, in fact far from it but I am pleased with the finished result. It helps that I know that my friend who little girl it is for would love anything I make, especially that I did it all myself. So without any further rambling from me here it is
 E Cot Quilt finished front

It has a pieced back as well

E Cot Quilt finished (9)

And here is a close up of my quilting, not a clear close up but you don’t want to see a clear one showing all my mistakes.

E Cot Quilt closeup of quilting

Also there is current a few lovely ladies, Heather and KarrieLyne that are giving their blog readers a chance to win a AccuQuilt Go

And finally just because I can here is a new photo of my two boys

My Boys


Anonymous said...

Cute quilt! You've done a great job, and the pieced back is a nice touch.

Clair said...

Lovely quilt, lovely boys too.

Joy McD said...

Sweet photo of the boys, and I love the quilt too :)