Monday, May 24, 2010

And now we are up to date

There were a few others quilting related events that have happened since our new little boy entered our lives.

I was lucky enough to be able to go to AQC when Lachie was 2 weeks old were we had a lovely time, it was quite a weird experience in that at times neither Esther (who was "wearing" 4mth old Hannah) and myself (who was "wearing" Lachie) could take a step without some one coming over to gush at the babies. I was quite restrained with my spending this year compared to last year I only brought a kit to make Lachie "Little Monsters" quilt and the pattern for the King George III quilt seen here I am using all my stash of material for my DJ quilt to make this one.

I then went to Stitches and Craft Show once again "wearing" Lachie were I was even more restrained with my purchases. All I bought were the patterns to make these little creatures

I have since made a trip to spotlight to buy the necessary fleece to make these three little friends for my boys so can now add this as well as my other purchases to the projects pending list.

Speaking of list as you may have seen I have cleaned up my blog and it now shows three lists, Completed projects, Unfinished Objects (these are quilts and other projects that have been started at some stage) and Projects Pending (these are quilts and other projects that I have all the requirements for but have yet to start) as you can see I don't need to make any other purchases for a long while :)
While I have been recuperating from Lachie's birth I have made a start on the first block of the King George III quilt. Here is the completed inner circle for the first block.

The final event that occurred was the inaugural meeting of the Melbourne Modern Quilting Guild, I was unable to take my camera along so you will have to pop over to Esther's blog to see some snaps of the day. It was a lovely day with 29 like minded quilty ladies, and while I did not get a whole lot done, due to attending to Lachie's needs and my post-pregnancy brain moment when I stitched a hexagon flower together incorrectly (she last picture on Esther's post) I am eagerly awaiting next month meeting as well as our first committee meeting next week.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I have been sewing as well.. I promise

Before my 2nd gorgeous little boy entered our lives I did get some sewing done. Here is task list I set myself at the start of the year to do before the birth.
C’s cot quilttop all done about to be sent off to be be quilted and then needs to be bound
Cuddle Quilt for Bastian - quilt top done, just need to sandwich, quilt and bind, I am using Minky as the backing so am quilting this one myself
Single Bed Quilt for BastianAppliqué strips finished just need to cut remaining material strips and piece together and then send off for quilting
Finish Cross Stitch for Nursery – Finished, need to make a trip to frame store to frame and hang it
Cot Quilt for Emily – Quilt top
and pieced back both  finished, sandwich ready for quilting
Bunting for Bastian’s room – Not started
Pram Quilt – Have all the materials for quilt top and back but not started

I also got some pyjama pants made for me to use in Hospital and a these cute little baby booties.

I had originally made these to gift to a different new little boy but one Lachlan arrived they seemed to mysteriously make there way to his room :)

Birthday FQ Swap

This is a very very belated post seeing that my birthday was back in February.

Here is the FQ and other goodies that I received from (L to R) Esther, Dani, Car (x2 I was spoilt) , Nic & Kayscha (there is one missing that I will have to find and update the post at a later stage)

I am planning on using them to make bunting for Bastian new room which has a red, white and blue theme.

I has been a while but for good reason

Remember this post back here in December, well at 8:34 am on 15 April we welcomed our little boy Lachlan Andrew into the world.

Like his brother he was very little at birth only weighing 2.9kg (6pd 8oz) but unlike his brother he likes his mummy milk and does not spit half of it back up on Mummy and has since put on 720g

1 week old
2 weeks 2 days old
3 weeks old
my boys
5 weeks 3 days
He is still in the very content sleepy baby mode, I am bracing myself for the next couple of weeks which is when Bastian decided to through out the rule book and it was make us start all over again (which coincided with him being giving a dummy something I am praying I don’t do again)
The main difference is that Bastian had feeding issues which resulted in he being a very sleepy baby and was only waking once during the night from birth and was sleeping through (10 – 6) from around 6 weeks. Lachlan on the other hand is regularly feeding every 3-4 hrs during the night and sometimes taking up to 2 hrs for each feed and resettle, which means that mummy is not getting much sleep at all.