Sunday, May 23, 2010

I has been a while but for good reason

Remember this post back here in December, well at 8:34 am on 15 April we welcomed our little boy Lachlan Andrew into the world.

Like his brother he was very little at birth only weighing 2.9kg (6pd 8oz) but unlike his brother he likes his mummy milk and does not spit half of it back up on Mummy and has since put on 720g

1 week old
2 weeks 2 days old
3 weeks old
my boys
5 weeks 3 days
He is still in the very content sleepy baby mode, I am bracing myself for the next couple of weeks which is when Bastian decided to through out the rule book and it was make us start all over again (which coincided with him being giving a dummy something I am praying I don’t do again)
The main difference is that Bastian had feeding issues which resulted in he being a very sleepy baby and was only waking once during the night from birth and was sleeping through (10 – 6) from around 6 weeks. Lachlan on the other hand is regularly feeding every 3-4 hrs during the night and sometimes taking up to 2 hrs for each feed and resettle, which means that mummy is not getting much sleep at all.

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Becky said...

He is so beautiful!!