Sunday, January 4, 2009

Quilty Christmas Gift

This year I got some nice quilty Christmas gift from my Mum. Got to love mums :)

I got a Jelly Roll of the Sweet Pea range, a book on creating quilts from Jelly Rolls and some gloves to use when Machine Quilting, they are meant to help grip the material and make it easier to maneuver, plus keep the quilt cleaner, and of course a got a tin of Haighs Chocolate Teddy Bears which I get each year.

I have already chosen a quilt to use the Jelly Roll for. This one

Only problem is that the jelly roll I got only had 29 strips in it and I need 40 so I will be going to my local quilt shop tomorrow to try and but another one. Now I just have to get some time to make it.

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