Sunday, January 4, 2009

What a trip to GardenWorld + 3 days + 2 wonderful parents can acheive

This December just gone makes it 7 years that we have been in our house and we still had not done much to the backyard, we have a path that runs from the backdoor of the carport to the backdoor of the house and small garden either side of it and in the last 12 month Andrew has finally got to put in his fish pond, but apart from that our backyard was bear and therefore not a nice place to be in summer.

Now that Bastian is close to walking, I started to think that it might be nice to be able to spend time out there.

So.... We spent Wednesday afternoon at GardenWorld and brought up big on Natives, and we hired a Rotary Hoe for the weekend.

The result
Doesn't look like much in the photo, but I am really happy with it. We have still left a large grassy area so the Bastian and any future siblings have some to play. We have other plans to put in a gazebo area so we have somewhere nice to sit. However like all things in life that will have to wait till we have available funds.
The other thing that I am very excited about that was done over the weekend is my veggie garden, now a bit of a background. I have wanted a veggie garden since we moved in. So not long after we moved my lovely Dad put in a small fence so that I could keep our dog out and dug it all up for me, and ..... I let it sit there. So a while later Andrew one again dug it up for me... and once again I did nothing, this has happened a few times over the last 7 yrs. So much so that it is bit of a running joke.
Anyway as we had the Rotary Hoe for the weekend we decided to dig it up again, this time I brought some pine sleepers and Dad has made actual garden beds, so I am planning to go down the street this week and get some bails of hay and some seedlings. It is a bit late in the year to plant veggies, but our weather is more like a late spring at the moment, so I am hoping to have some luck with them. I will post some pics once they are all set up.

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Khris78 said...

Your garden looks lovely.... have fun with the vege garden!!!