Thursday, January 22, 2009

Books, Books and More Books

Well all I can say is Baa, Baa (hehe....). Seeing that all my quilting friends, here, here and here are doing it to I thought I might join in the fun.

Not that I need any more encouragement to read, I was one of those children that always had there head stuck in a book.

So 50 books by midnight on 31 Dec 2009

Finished to date

1. The Long Hot Summer - Mary Moody (Jan 09)
2. The Quilter's Kitchen - Jennifer Chiaverini (Jan 09) not sure if this one counts as it is more recipes then story but it is a novel so I am going to count it :)

Currently reading

3. Always and Forever - Cathy Kelly

I am a big Cathy Kelly fan, find her books easy reading but also interesting. I use to fly back and fwd from Melb - Sydney when I first met my lovely husband. (He lived in NSW, me in VIC) and I use to end up buying at least one book for the flight (sometime I finished it when I was there and had to buy another for the flight back) so needless to say I have a reasonable collection she was one of my favs to buy. I have read this many times before but when Ruth mentioned it I had to drag it out again.


Car said...

Welcome to the club :)

Wait till I bring out the Danielle Steel :whistle: that will def send me over the 50 LOL

Kayscha's Quilting Corner said...

What a great idea , I am gonig to do this as well!!!