Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Quilting project

Okay, Okay I know that I am really really slack at posting, I promised you all (whoever you are) a post a day for 25 days and I failed miserably.

Here is a bunch of update post to give you some Christmas reading.

I finally finished my MIL table runner that was to be one of her Christmas presents and it made it to Sydney along with all the other gifts for her, SIL and FIL safely which was a huge sigh of relief.

Here is what I did

She said that she loved it so I was happy with that.

I loved what she got me as well, because I picked it. For the last two years my in laws have given us money to but presents for the three of us with. This we got some books for Andrew, a bike and helmet for Bastian and I bought myself a Pandora bracelet and a little boy charm. We were very happy with the lot.

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