Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last block done

The last block from Granny's Magic Bag Block of the Month is now completed, so I can start assembling them all together and add the boarders, then it is off to the quilters to work her magic.

To Market, To Market to by a Fat

Quarter :)

Well not really markets, more the Australian Quilters Convention and Stitches and Craft Show.
My darling husband gave me money to spend at both for my recent birthday, so you can say I put it to real good use.

This is my stash from the AQC, there is a single bed quilt kit for Bastian from Kids quilts, as well as a pattern for a single bed quilt for D. A jelly roll to make this quilt, this pattern, a Swanky charm pack, two Boy theme Espy charm packs and a ruler designed for use with jelly rolls. Now just have to get some time to use them all.

Two weeks later, Bastian and I trundled off to the new improved Melbourne Showgrounds for the new improved Stitches and Craft Show, was very impressed with the new layout, and location. Didn't buy as much this time

Just an add a quarter ruler, a notebook cover kit to cover my diary and Goodie Bag kit from Amitie.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Birthday FQ received

Okay well my birthday was over a month ago now, I know I am a very very very bad poster, one day very very soon in the not so distant future I plan to make it up to you all I promise.

Well camera was put to use today, but just to give your life some more meaning :) I will stretch it all out over a couple of days.

Here are the lovely FQ that I received from Rose, Selina, Kayscha, Car, Esther & Khris. Thankyou so much girls I love, love, love them all.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mr Electron

A lot of you in blog land would have seen Miss Buttons. A cute little armless lady that can be made in various clothing options seen here, well it turns out that she has a brother.

Ladies and ladies (don't think any Gentlemen read my blog) introducing

Mr Electron

And here is a pic of his proud new owner, just because i have posted a new pic of my darling boy recently

Granny's Magic Bag BOM - Progress to date

I have finished all the blocks bar one so I couldn't help but lay it out and have a look. So here it is

Granny's Magic Bag - Block 9

I finished this block of during the week, the last one with no stichery. Soooo close

Granny's Magic Bag - Block 7

I finished this block a couple of weeks ago and keep on meaning to blog it.

Granny's Magic Bag - Month 6

Finally finished the stichery for this block so was able to put it together.

Almost there

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mini Kimono's

I was reminded the other day that I once made a couple of mini folded Kimono's that I was going to make into a wall hanging for a girlfriend. They are really not that hard to make, just need a really good iron to get the fold nice and crisp.

To give you an idea of size the smaller one is only 2 1/2 inchs long