Sunday, March 29, 2009

To Market, To Market to by a Fat

Quarter :)

Well not really markets, more the Australian Quilters Convention and Stitches and Craft Show.
My darling husband gave me money to spend at both for my recent birthday, so you can say I put it to real good use.

This is my stash from the AQC, there is a single bed quilt kit for Bastian from Kids quilts, as well as a pattern for a single bed quilt for D. A jelly roll to make this quilt, this pattern, a Swanky charm pack, two Boy theme Espy charm packs and a ruler designed for use with jelly rolls. Now just have to get some time to use them all.

Two weeks later, Bastian and I trundled off to the new improved Melbourne Showgrounds for the new improved Stitches and Craft Show, was very impressed with the new layout, and location. Didn't buy as much this time

Just an add a quarter ruler, a notebook cover kit to cover my diary and Goodie Bag kit from Amitie.


Ruth said...

You got some great stuff! Some really, really nice fabric in the kits. Have fun - can't wait to see the projects start rolling out!

~LilFrankie~ said...

Kirsty, is that a butterfly fling pattern? Is there a weblink or something where I can get a better look at it, it looks perfect for what I want to do with mine! I wonder if i'll be too pregnant by the time the convention comes here, have to go look it up!!!!