Friday, September 5, 2008

Spotlight is a bad bad place....

The closest spotlight to me is about as old as I am and over 2 storey with no lift, just stairs and one very narrow old escalator that you have to ring a bell to have someone come and change the direction of it if needed. For that reason I tend to not shop there often since having Bastian.

However... only a 45min drive away is Fountain Gate with is lovely newish massive single storey store, however with a small child a "quick trip" over to there is a thing of the past so when I do go I tend to make it worth my while. The results of my latest trip are

Materials and other bits to make a cloth high chair for Bastian, I love the colour

A pattern and material to make him one pair of shorts, white with blue stars and anchors and two t-shirts. I wanted to make some more adventurous patterns but was talked out of it until I make these three items.

Material to make these retro style bibs.

We are getting a new big Spotlight to replace our old crappy one in Nov this year, not sure if that is a good thing or not....

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