Sunday, September 14, 2008

He is a big boy now

I posted some pics in a earlier post of some material, webbing and clips that I bought to make a cloth high chair for Bastian, one one evening later here is the final result.

Isn't he a cute model :)

This is how it looks when not containing a baby

And this is the back, I need to get a second set of plastic buckles for the lower strap, this one is used to secure the chair to the set while the top one comes from the front to hold the child in place, this only works on children that are going to sit up straight, for a baby that isn't sitting up yet unaided it wouldn't work

And this is what it folds down to it is about the size of a small paperback novel, perfect size to fit in your nappy bag for times when you are caught out unexpected, plus some dining place have very grubby high chairs that look like they are never washed, this is when it will come in handy.

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