Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby Dear Jane

I had always wanted to do a Baby Dear Jane quilt, the original Dear Jane quilt was made in 1863 by Jane A Stickle, and all replica quilts are called Baby Dear Janes. More information about the original quilt can be found here. My local quilt shop started Dear Jane classes last February, so I decided that was to good to be true and started my quilt. To date I should, if I am keeping up with what we are given in month in class I should have 145 out of 169 centre blocks completed, my count to date is 69 so I have a bit of work ahead of me :) Since starting the project I have had Bastian and spent 3 weeks in hospital and almost 3 months bed/couch ridden due to pancreatis. Mind you I am enjoying working on the quilt and realise that it is not a sort term project so wont be upset if it takes me more then the estimated 3 years to complete.

Here is a grid showing all the blocks completed to date. I intend to re-post this image every month showing the extra blocks that I have completed since last time, along with my tally shown as 69/145 (169) centre blocks, 0/0 (5) triangles, 0/0 (4) corners where the numbers in brackets are how many there are in total, the first number how many I have done and the second how many I should of done as per my monthly class.


Belinda said...

Thats looking fantastic. Great way to keep you motivated. Its such a lovely quilt when done, and you learn so much along the way.

Car said...

WOW - that looks great :) how big are each block when completed?

Kayscha's Quilting Corner said...

How amazing! You are going really well with it. I would love to do one of these..one day. Can't wait to see more of the journey!