Monday, August 18, 2008

Current Work in Progress

My list of projects to be completed is not what I am currently working on, it is what I have started at some stage and never finished, that being said I do intend to one day finish them all.

Currently I have two projects on the go, the first is a block of the month called Granny's Magic Bag. I am doing it as a class at my local quilt shop, Magic Patch Quilting in Tyabb. We are meant to be up to month 6, I have just started month 3, this one I will finish as it is for my beautiful boy to one day go on his big boy bed... Reckon I still have a year or two before that happens though.

These are the two blocks that I have done to date

Month 1

Month 2

I have changed the wording slightly by changing Granny to Grandma as that is what my mum is called.

As for my Baby Dear Jane quilt I will have to find an easy way to blog what I have done so far on that one, any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


Ruth said...

Kristy you are a mighty fine quilter. Those quilts are all gorgeous. I can't wait to see the block a month one completed, as so far it is really sweet.

Ruth said...

Ah No! I pressed to post and when I re-read I realised I wrote Kristy not Kirsty. Oh dear, I'm so sorry (and embarassed...) I'm a goose

Kirsty said...

Thats okay I am used to people mixing up my name, I don't even correct them any more.

Thanks for your kind comments, I must add though that I didn't do the quilting myself on Monticello and the floor quilt, they were professionally quilted. I think I did the xmas quilt myself though

Leah said...

Long ago, I got really excited about Dear Jane, and found this link which lets you load pictures of your blocks into a 'design wall' thingy. Check it out anyway. I love your Jinny Beyer - such clever design tricks :)