Saturday, August 23, 2008

I have been tagged

Thanks RedinOz for the tag.

I have to write either 6 random things about myself or if I have been tagged previously 6 things that make me happy and then I have to link the person who tagged me and tag 6 more people you know (and let them know you have tagged them in a comment on their blog)

As this is my first tagging I will leave it at the six random things.

1. I love to go sailing with my parents and go fishing for Flathead using a hand line, actually can't wait until Sebastian is old enough to teach him to fish

2. I hate to do laundry, so much so that my husband does it all for me (blush)

3. My husband and I met at a football match when he was down from Sydney for the weekend. I lived in Melbourne and after 19 mths he left his whole life to move down to be with me

4. I named my son after Bastian from Never Ending Story, I picked his name out (and the girls name) when I was 18, luckily my husband like both of them.

5. I spent 3 weeks earlier this year in hospital with severe pancreatis, worst 3 weeks in my life. I missed my boys so much :(

6. I love go camping, especially over Easter with the extended family on the Murray

Now I tag


Sorry if you have already been tagged but I don't know anyone else in blog land :)

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