Monday, January 2, 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Well what a year. I have to admit I am glad that one is over, good things outnumbered the bad in numbers but there was one really bad thing that overshadowed them all. I haven’t got around to blogging about this yet as I wasn’t sure it was something I wanted to share but I think I need to try and move on as I know that she would hate for me to dwell.

In July last year, exactly one month after she celebrated her 98th birthday my amazing Grandmother passed away, at the time I actually coped with it a lot better then I thought I would, which I think was due to the time I spent visiting her in hospital prior to her death. She had a fall at home a couple of weeks earlier and broke her hip, had an operation to put in pins and was going well, in fact the physio was talking about rehab and then I suppose the best way to put it was that her body just gave up. She had lived an amazing life surrounded by her family, 5 sons, 9 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren, and I was lucky enough to spend a lot of my childhood with her and most of my memories involve family occasions with her.

Anyway as I said at the time I coped quite well but in the lead up to Christmas I started to miss her and while I did not realise it at the time, I know now that I threw myself into too many projects, markets etc to try and keep my mind busy. That is the main reason why I failed so badly at the advent blog-a-long I just didn’t have time to sit at the computer and blog and my IPhone app (Blogpress) didn’t seem to be working so I couldn’t blog via my phone as I had originally planned.

Moving on I have had a lovely week since Christmas with Andrew and my boys and I have been able sleep late, recharge my batteries, sew and reconnect with some online friends, Car, Rachel, Kayscha to name a few and am quite excited to have made plans to catch up with them in Nov this year.

Other plans for this year

1. More sewing for me (I will post more about this tomorrow)

2. Expand Two Little Monkeys, after the success of our Santa sacks i am hoping to find some new product ranges that are as successful, and have already booked into a market at the end of January and Mid March, here are my two newest items, personalised cushions and toy sacks/play mats

Toy Sacks2

3.Get more organised, this is a must as this was a plan for last year and I can safely say I failed big time. I have realised that I don’t want to give up anything but at the same time I am struggling to fit it all in. which isn’t to say that I am doing to much but more that I have terrible time management skills.

4. Connect more with others, notice I didn’t say blog more, while I do plan to try and blog at least once a month I am not holding myself to it, instead I will try to comment on others posts more, post of Facebook and Twitter more and be a good on-line friend Smile

Before I go I will leave you with two photos, the first is my gorgeous boys in there Christmas pj’s that I whipped up for them Christmas Eve396359_10150470949779351_525974350_8391254_214264428_n

And a photo of them in there Santa Sack’s we took the same photo last year and I think it might be turn it into a nice yearly tradition.404955_10150470951069351_525974350_8391258_827751561_n


Car said...

Im so sorry to hear you lost your grandma :( take it easy and give yourself time, grief can sneak up on you xxx

It feels great to get the group back chatting again, we just need ourselves a soap thread and we will feel right at ome ;)

Lisa S at Sunset Seams said...

Dear Kirsty, I read your blog last night, and it really touched me.

I found myself walking from the station to work this morning, wondering what I could say, that might help? I lost my own, dear, Nana at age 95, about 5 years ago, and I've never quite got over it. Every so often, (even in the past few weeks, over Christmas), the sadness steals over you quietly, when you don't even realise it ... there's that imperceptible yearning to see, or just hear their voice, one more time.

I remind myself how lucky I was to have shared her company and love for so long into my adult life, and that my children also had the chance to spend memorable times with her. I'm sure your grandma's gentle spirit will continue to watch over you and your family.