Tuesday, January 3, 2012

12 WIPs in 12 Months

As I mentioned in my last post (am I really posting two days in a row, shock horror Smile ) I intend to make some more time to sew for me alongside my Two Little Monkeys sewing.

Luckily AJ came up with a challenge that will encourage me to not only sew more but get some of my huge WIP list finished. Now more info about the challenge can be found here and here but the gist of it is

  1. Entry fee of 1 FQ to be sent to AJ to compete for the grand prize at the end of the 12 months
  2. For each month that you finish a WIP you get an entry to the grand prize draw (plus an extra entry for blogging about it)
  3. 6 of the projects have to be true WIP 'already started' which shouldn’t be a problem as my current list shows 17 and I know there is at least two more to add to it. The other 6 can be not started but you must be previous planned and either material or pattern owned (or drawn up for pattern) While I have at least 9 in that category as well.

My only problem is that most of my WIP still need a lot of work on them so apart from the 6 that are am going to list here I will choose the others that I will do during the year.

Monkeys & Lions Quilt  - This just needs the binding sewn downBastian Cuddle Quilt

Arabella – This was my MIL’s Christmas present for 2010 (oops) just need to send it off to be quilted and then boundArabella

Bastian’s Plane Quilt – I need to remove all the stabiliser from behind the appliqued planes and then once I getting the backing fabric also needs to be sent out to be quilted and then bound. I don’t have a photo of this one but it is this quilt

Charm Square quilt along – Also don’t have a photo of this but I have the quilt top almost finished just need to add the borders, not sure if I have the backing or not for this one. Once again needs to be sent out to be quilted and then bound. This is a photo of the first block I finished.

Charm Square Quiltalong first finished block - Copy

Pram Quilt – this was meant to be for Lachie but I never got around to finish it. It is going to be backed in two layers of mint green microfleece, I might add some pink flowers or shapes to it before sandwiching it and give it to my cousin for her little girl that is due in Feb.Pram Quilt Top finished - Copy

Snowballs -  This is an advent calendar that I started Nov 2010, did some more Nov 2011 at a quilt retreat and would really like to have it finished for Christmas 2012Snowball

My last one is an unstarted one, I bought myself a Odyssea by Momo jelly roll either Christmas 2010 or 2009 waiting for the perfect project and found it while at the quilt retreat in Nov last year. Then at my last market for 2011 I found the pattern I was after at Bella’s Patchwork stall. I decided that I really want to start a new project at the first MMQG SASD in two weeks time so this will be it.


momo jelly roll

Just need to find some material for the borders and get some white Emma Louise for the background

So I think given that I finished no quilts last year that if I get all of those done I will be doing well.

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GKJ said...

I found you through The Blogging Library :) One of my new year resolutions for 2012 was to sew for me. I did well at the beginning of the year but have to get back to that...