Monday, October 3, 2011

Blogtoberfest–Day 3

Another catch up post today, this one is only 5 mths 18 days over due. What happened then well this little baby turned one
For his birthday I was stuck as to what to get him, I have found that when you have two children of the same sex and you tend to spoil the first born, it makes it a bit hard to decided on what to get the second child for Christmas and Birthday gifts. When I was at SIT I was talking to Clair from Craft Schmaft I told her that I loved her Woof woof kits and it was a shame that they didn’t come in boy colors, she told me that she could make me up a brown kit and so I found the perfect gift, and best of all it was hand made by Mummy.
This was the cake I made it was actually a lot harder to do then I thought icing all the individual cakes, but it was fun to make
Seeing it has been so long since his birthday I thought I would leave you with some more recent pictures of my baby boy, and I actually just realised that I did not take any photos at his actual birthday will have to ask the family if they took any.
July 2011 – Aged 15mthsDSC_8541
My little Easter Bunny – Camping at the Murray636
At Bastian’s 4th Birthday – aged 17mthsIMG_1039

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Kat said...

Hi - I am jumping over from tinniegirls blog for Blogtoberfest. What a cool cake! And what an adorable little birthday boy. Happy Birthday!