Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blogtoberfest–Day 9

Opp 9 days in and I have dropped the ball twice, I will try and make it up this week.

I got the bunting sign finished late late Friday night, but sort of miscalculated how big it is (this thing is huge) but was able to use it on our stall on Saturday.


The market was okay, it has just started a couple of months ago but hopefully over the next couple it can improve.

I have decided to apply to some larger markets over the next couple of months before Christmas so fingers crossed some miracle happens and I actually get in.

Oh and with the all the changes happening on Facebook, I have decided to list some of our items on MadeIt as well, which actually leads me to a questions, Does any one have any experience selling on MadeIt vrs Etsy and which do they find better (not costs but exposure)

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