Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Blogtoberfest–Day 4

Opps looking at the clock it is actually Day 5 here but I am sure in most of Australia it is still Day 4 Smile
One more family catch up post, two weeks ago this little boy
Bastian aged 10mths127
Turned 4IMG_1054
We had a lovely day at a miniature steam railway (Campbellfield) with the family some friends and one special friend from Kinder (I am not sure if Bastian was more excited of his actual birthday or Riley coming to his party.
Here is the cake I made, it was fun but in future I will not make a cake like this when we have almost an hour in the car to get to the venue, luckily it made it but there was a few times that we were not sure if it would.
Now tomorrow I promise that I will have some sewing photos of some sort Smile

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