Sunday, February 1, 2009

Best type of mail

Is squishy, quilty mail.

Before Christmas I decided to place my first order from here. I had being eyeing off a quilt kit for a couple of months, and once I discovered that there was actually some funds left over from buying Christmas presents, I decided to treat myself and buy it, because I need more projects to sit in my room un-started.

So finally after some moments of panic that the package had been lost some where over the Pacific it finally all arrived
This is the quilt kit, it even included the backing fabric

I got a couple of yards of this, which I plan to make into a play quilt for Bastian, I can just imagine him driving all his matchbox cars all over it

And this Fat quarter pack just happened to fall into my basket to make the postage worthwhile, not sure what I will do with it.


Kayscha's Quilting Corner said...

I love the last one, I today ordered some of it in the girly colours to make somethign for ym niece! Have fun with all that gorgeous fabric and the kit x

Ruth said...

I also love the last one. They are great colours. I'll look forward to seeing it all sewn up!