Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Making room for baby

With the baby due in April, we need to make some changes around the house. now most people would think that fitting an extra person in to a 4 bedroom house would be easy but when both adults in the house of hobbies that involving a large qty of "stuff" it means a big clean up and reshuffle.

In order to make room for our soon to be son/daughter I decided to give up my sewing room/guest bedroom as I don't tend to be able to get in there much anyway, over the last 6mth I have tended to take over the kitchen table as my sewing space (much to Andrew's delight)

However the problem began with how does one, move a room full of things that need to be protected from little fingers out to the family living areas.

Thanks to a 35% discount voucher from Spotlight in the week before Christmas part of this problem was solved

This lovely lockable cabinet,

not only stores my machine and other "sharp" sewing items

but it also provides me with plenty of room to quilt a large quilt if I one day so desire, or plenty of space to cut my material.

Now I just have to go and buy some clear plastic tubs to store my stash and large collection of in-progress and unstarted projects, the plan is to make use of one of my many WIP quilts to cover the stack of tubs so that do not stick out like a sore thumb.

This month also saw the end to my monthly Aurifil thread club, so I now the proud owner of this lovely box of 72 threads


Becky said...

How very exciting! Can't wait until mine gets here :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the "move"! Love the new cabinet, and that full box of thread looks delightful! I'd not want to use any and spoil the look lol.

Ruth said...

The cabinet looks great Kirsty. I love mine and even had it in the lounge for a while and it looked neat all shut up. Happy sewing!

Bellgirl said...

Nice one! I just followed your link from the forum. I like the lock- mine doesn't have one unfortunately. I keep mine in the entrance hall, and I actually find it much easier to sew there than if I were in a seperate room away from the family.