Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bloggers Boogie {blog party}

Long time no blog, so much for a blog a month, well if you count total blog post for the year I am not doing to bad, this makes 5th post for 2012 and we are just entering the 6th month.

Anyway the reason for breaking my blogging drought is to join in to LWD bloggers boogie party along with Car and Bee

My 5 songs for this week are some of my fav songs, that my husband finds annoying

So who are you listing to this weekend


Anonymous said...

LOVE your list! And the Bloggers Boogie is a nice easy way to break the blogging drought (just see Bee's ;) I think she's become a music blogger!). Off to hit play on RadioMonkey while I sew this rest time away!

AJ said...

Not quilting but enjoying your music while I write reports!

Car said...

Oh great list this week Kirsty, I'd heard all of them except that last one!

Want me to remind you to blog... apparently I can be VERY persuasive!