Thursday, July 16, 2009

50 books in 52 weeks - yeah right

Who was I kidding, while I love to read in between work, sewing, being a Mum and general life my reading time is normally a couple of pages a night to send me to sleep.

I have been seeing everyone else reading list growing and growing, while mine is just plodding along, currently at 15.

So this morning I had a looksie at everyones list and made my own reading To-do list and went down to the local library to see what they had.

I was able to get

Friday Night Knitting Club
The Undomesticated Goddess (large print version :) that was all the had available)

I have also placed reserves on

Twilight - 13 people in front of me
Knit Two
Eat Pray Love - 2 people in front of me

I also have these three on my list which I will try to get next or place reserves on once I read the other two.

Biting the Big Apple
Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
The Bronze Horseman

I have a bad habit of taking out too many books at once and not reading them all and not returning them on time, so I am planning to try and limit how many I take out and then I will have to take them back to pick up new ones.


Kayscha's Quilting Corner said...

I feel like you do with reading, though I have been really trying to make more time...I am only a few ahead of you!! I will hopefully get a fair bit of reading in on our flights to Europe and when I am at the inlaws place!

Car said...

I struggle to find the time to read these days too, unlike pre-kids life, I rarely get a chance to sit during the day anymore :( so only read before bed, but if it's a good book - I keep on reading until late!

Good list of books - beware the Bronze horseman, it's very sad :(

Have you read the Harry Potter series?