Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blogtoberfest – Day 12

A couple of weeks ago I was having a think about blogging and what information I put out there for the world (if they are interested) to read. I realised strangely enough that unlike a lot of people I feel more comfortable putting information here on a platform that I have no control over who reads it, then on Facebook a platform which through privacy settings I know exactly who may be reading it. I suppose it comes back to sometimes you are more comfortable talking to strangers then people that you know, I know strange isn’t it.

However today thanks to the world of Facebook I was able to catch up with three lovely ladies that I went to primary school with, one of which I don’t think I would of seen since primary school (over 23 years ago) Maybe there is some merit in Facebook after all.

I was also made aware a few weeks ago that there are two kinds of people when it comes to blogs, those that blog or read blogs and those that don’t. How did I come to this conclusion, I was introducing a non-blogging friend (A) to a lovely blogging friend (B) and of course one of the first things A asked is how I knew B, when I explained through a craft forum and her blog A looked quite puzzled almost as if I had been internet dating. Maybe A is like other that feel that blogging is narcissistic, however I love blogging and been able to share my thoughts however random and crafty pursuits.

What do you think?

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Rachel said...

I think some blogs are a tad narcistic, but sewing/craft blogs tend to be further up the other end of the scale.
I use my blog mostly as a way to easily share the things that i've created, initially with my gran who's the other side of the world, and then with friends, and now with other people that i've come in contact with through blogs and other related things (eg MMQG).

I agree with you about the two types of people though, although from mentioning my blog on occasion I think the two groups are becoming more aware of each other.

Having said that, the internet and the friend's i've made through it have been a large part of my life for many many years, so what seems normal to me is terribly abnormal to others!