Monday, October 18, 2010

Blogtoberfest – Day 18

I know I said at the start I would try to include more then just pictures of my boys but when they are this cute it is hard not to


Lachie has graduated from the baby bath and today was his first bath in the big bath, Bastian was keen to join him but might wait until Lachie is a bit stronger, otherwise I can see it ending in tears.

Tomorrow we are off to visit the new baby elephant at the Zoo so I am sure I will have plenty of photos to share with you then.


Car said...

Kirsty, he is adorable!!!

red in oz said...

oh bless him, he's such a cutie. B and H have been having baths together since H was about 12 weeks, they love it. It was the first time H REALLY laughed out loud with all the splashing going on. But B is pretty gentle when necessary. Just make sure both mum and dad are around the first few times in case you need to get one of them out quickly. It saves so much time when you can do them both at once.

HayleyK said...

Yes, but pics of babies are so cute!

Happy Blogtoberfest! I am on a mission to comment and follow all the blogs in Blogtoberfest! Maybe you could comment and follow me as well! Cheers!

AJ said...

What a cutie!

Kayscha's Quilting Corner said...