Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Now I don't do resolutions more like very broad extremely loose plans. So with that my plans for 2011 are

- to not buy any new fabric unless it is for a current project or planned project (the exemption to this is SIT in March)

- to manage my time a lot better to enable me to be a much better Mummy / Wife / Person

- to manage our money better by thinking about what we are spending and doing proper menu plans and therefore shopping lists

- to be a better Blogger and I can say that I have already found a way to do that. I noticed on this blog she had a signature saying posted via Blogpress. I have been after a working IPhone app to do blogposts for a while and have finally found one so I can now blog anywhere :)

Now for quilting plans

- Anna's block for Oh Beehave (by this Saturday)
- MIL's quilt (ASAP belated Christmas present)
- backpack for Bastian (who starts 3rd old Kinder 11th Feb)
- bunting for Bastian's room
- the other blocks for Oh Beehave as required
- the odd DJ block here and there

Finish the following
- Monkey & Lion's cuddle quilt
- Bastian's plane quilt
- Charm Pack quilt along quilt

In order to try and increase my creative output I think a trip to Ikea might be in order currently my sewing storage is made up of a shelf in the linen closet

Some tubs in the corner of our bedroom

And one very messy sewing area

Hopefully I will have an after photo for you sometime this week

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red in oz said...

ooh, I'll do an ikea trip with you ;). Can't afford to buy anything but can live vicariously through others...