Sunday, December 5, 2010

2010 Advent Blog-along–Day 5

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday but we didn’t get home from the city until 6pm (and that was after leaving at 7am) so as you can imagine we had two very tired and somewhat grumpy little boys as well as tired Mummy & Daddy. As always the Wiggles Concert was fantastic we had great seats, on the floor 7 rows back from the front.


You can see in background of this picture how close we were to the stage. Both boys enjoyed it, well Bastian loved it, Andrew has video photo of him going crazy when they come out in the Big Red Car, Lachie just enjoyed jumping up and down on our knees and then of course fell asleep in my arms at the last song.


I had to include this one of Anthony just because I could Smile

After the concert we walked up to Crown Casino and had a look at there Christmas display, I was actually a bit disappointed as they have not changed it much in the last 3 years, however Bastian loved it, especially the hanging monkeys that come down from the ceiling. We then caught a tram to Myer and went to Santaland


Where he got to go on a ride on Santa’s train and then after 45min waiting, we went and met Santa. I must admit when I was told how long the wait would be I was a bit hesitant but it was well worth it.


Both boys look a bit tired as it was towards the end of a long day, and Bastian was not too sure about Santa, but at least he sat there which was a change from the last two years. We mentioned to Santa that Bastian was going to give him his dummy’s and Santa told him that Rudolph has just had a little baby who could really use some dummy’s so that would be lovely if he left his out for him. The only problem we had was that Bastian wanted to know why he didn’t get any of the things he was wanting off Santa, but more about that on a later post.

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