Saturday, December 11, 2010

Advent Blog-along–Day 11

Today however I do have a wonderful present to share with you all.


I was lucky enough to receive a Secret Santa gift from Ruth for the EB Newbies Secret Santa

Inside all those packages were these items


Some candles, coasters, material (three from Love Birds and one from All Star, I think) a pot holder made into a cone which held some hand cream and chocolates, a some soap (home made?), a babushka key ring and a notepad. Very spoilt wasn’t I

I actually sent to Ruth as well as received from her, however in my rush to get the present in the post, I forgot to take a photo, therefore I will have to wait until she opens and blogs for you to see what I sent her

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MY SPACE said...

I wondered what that was in Ruth's sneak peak - the pot holder is gorgeous, I love the colour way she chose! Lucky girl you are, great stash!