Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Advent Blog-along–Day 8

I know, I know only 8 days in and I have already missed a couple of days Embarrassed smile
I have to admit I have been having a bit of trouble getting into the Christmas spirit this year, only reason I can think of is that life it so hectic I find it hard to stop and smell the roses (or maybe it should be Christmas tree Smile) at the moment. However last night thanks once again to my wonderful parents I was able to finally decorate our tree and the place looks a lot more festive
I also went out shopping yesterday and was very happy that I was able to find and purchase on this, which seem to be quite popular at the moment
Lastly while out shopping my Mum reminded me of one other tradition I have and that is to purchase from Dusk a Christmas candle ornament each year. The last couple of years I have been a bit wary of purchasing anything to breakable, so have stuck to the novelty candles, which get lit on Christmas Eve while watching the Carols. Here is this years purchase, cute isn’t he.


MY SPACE said...

That Little people nativity scene is gorgeous, I am going online right now to see if I can find one for next year!!!

Car said...

Love that candle :)
I've seen that nativity scene popping up around bloglamd of late! I am trying to track down the one they had at Aldi a few weeks back!