Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Advent Blog-along - Day 2

What did the second day of December bring us, well it was a lovely warm day spent shopping at a local street market with Bastian and my parents. I was finally able to find two of my favourite Christmas Books that I had been hunting for everywhere

as well as bought a new tin Christmas train to fill with sweets for the table

We read the The Christmas Book tonight, and the two "That's not my" Christmas books must of been a hit as they were requested as well.

As for sewing, well my to-do list most of worked as I got my Secret Santa item finished last night and put the rest together today, so that is one item down and also made a start finishing my last Round Robin Blocks, they have to be finished over the weekend.

Tomorrow I have a workshop at my local quilt shop which they put on for there regular customers as a thank you for there patronage during the year. They provide about 50% of the material and the class for free you just buy the rest of the material and arrange your own lunch, we are doing a journal this year so hopefully I will have photos to share tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

oh I love the jolly postman books .... we didnt have them but I alwaysread my friends when we went to her house

Becky said...

OK, it would seem I really need to buy Christmas books!

Have fun sewing and at the workshop. Sounds like a good LQS to have :)

Vintage by LOU LOU said...

I just discovered your blog and saw that you are doing the Advent Blog Along....I think it's a fabulous idea. I also wanted to say I absolutely love the Jolly Postman books.