Friday, December 4, 2009

Advent Blog-along - Day 4

Only a short one today as today was our semi rest day in a week of craziness. We have Mini Maestro concert and LQS Christmas party tomorrow, a family Christmas party on Sunday and then Wiggles concert and in to the see the Myer Windows, Crown Christmas display and look at the Santa things at DJ and Myers on Monday.

Today was meant to be a full rest day but had to drive Andrew to the train station as his car is in being fixed, final rehersal for tomorrow Mini Maestro concert (still praying that Bastian does not get stage fright, but I think he will) and then a trip to the hairdresser for both Bastian and Mummy.

No sewing at all today but did spend some time dreaming about how I will use the Jelly Roll of Odyssea that I recently put on layby at my LQS

Oh and I finished uploading all Mum's Christmas CD on to I-Tunes so I have plenty of Christmas music to listen while I work at the moment

Tonight there was only two books

Mummy was a bit naughty and hid the "That's not my" books as I didn't want to read them again tonight, maybe next week

Hopefully tomorrow I will have some pictures (and maybe even a small video) from the concert

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