Monday, December 7, 2009

Advent Blog-along - Day 6

Today we tagged along to a Christmas party with my parents, there boat club one. Bastian was the only child there but he had fun, I can't believe how sure of himself my little boy is. No shyness from this one at all. Santa came with a special little gift for him and he was happy to even have a semi cuddle with him, as long as mummy was holding him at the same time. So that is a improvement from last week.

Tomorrow is a big day, up at 6 to head into the city to see

I hope he enjoys it as much as he did last time, then we are going to have a look at these, visit this and maybe even have a train ride this year (was too little last year) and have a look at display here.

It is going to be a busy day so Mummy better head on and get some rest.

(This post was done last night but I realised this morning that I had forgotten to hit publish)

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